Different Process Builds, what is an X?

I am working with a project that was built by another developer and I noticed that the icon used to represent the project is an X?

The project is having all sorts of functionality issues and I’m wondering if it would stem from being built on a none VB format? If so is there away to convert the project?


X is a project built in StudioX. StudioX is a version of UiPath studio built for business users, so the vb.net underbelly of Studio is obfuscated with activities that require little to no developer knowledge. StudioX and Studio packages can be published and run in Orchestrator. It’s just a difference in how the project was written.

For more, see the topic here: What is the difference between UIPath Studio and UIPath Studio X?

@Anthony_Humphries So could this be the cause of why the RPA is not functioning as expected? I’m not even sure how it became a Studio X project, the other developer would of probably developed it in the typical Pvb and not X.

Any idea on how I can convert the project to a “normal” project?

Thank you

if it really is an studiox project, there will be no direct way to convert it…

You may need to re-import the activities used to build the original project. According to the post below, it should still be compatible.

unfortunately I’m not showing any packages missing. The original code just isn’t working lol. It’s just the weirdest thing and I just noticed after working on it for 2 weeks that it had the X by the process. Is there even an option to build an REFramework project in Studio X?

Can you share what error you’re getting when you try to run it?