Converting Datatype from General to Number

I have some data which after pasting into new sheet gets converted into general datatype. I need to convert it into number format and it has to be right aligned.
I have attached the sheet containing all the columns that needs to be converted.
NumberSheet.xlsx (12.0 KB)
Please let me know how to solve this?
Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Kunal_Jain ,

Was the Format Cells activity tried out ?

HI @supermanPunch
No I have not tried it.
But is there some way by which only this 4 columns can be converted into number format.
Because I have more data and that has to be in general format only which I have not shared here in this sheet.

@Kunal_Jain ,

We should be able to get the Cell Range columns (A:A, B:B, C:C,…) and then use it as the Range in Format Cells activity.

Hi @supermanPunch
We don’t have the last value of the range for the column.
What should we do in that case??
Ex: A1:A?

@Kunal_Jain ,

The representation provided above could act as an Array of List,

columnRangesToFormat = {"A:A","C:C","E:E"}

We could loop through this Array and provide the iterative value one by one to the Format Cells Activity.

Hi @supermanPunch
Can you help me with the workflow to understand it better please.

I hope this will help. Just replace the workbook path to your local file path

Hi @AJ_Ask

Can you please share the zip file for the same.
It is showing document is invalid
Cheers!! (3.5 KB)

@Kunal_Jain ,

Could check with the below : (13.0 KB)

Hi @supermanPunch
Thanks for the solution, it worked.

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