Convert general to number

I have an Excel file in general format. I want to convert a column in number format. Right now the result in general is like this: 2.00801E+12, but I need like this: 2008014007167.

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By using VBA u can make that entire column to number Format
you will get vba code on any side ir u can record your own macro
then by using invoke vba u can make that column in number

Sub Macro1()

Selection.NumberFormat = "0.00"

End Sub

Hi @dorin

Use assign and try this

Dt.columns(“columnname”). ToString =cint(row(“columnname”). ToString


Hi @dorin,

Please go to Format Cells, then go to Numbers and now chose or edit the required format like below -

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Can you please correct it and let me know again.

and for the other part this is the error: