Convert XML with given XSL stylesheet into HTML then into PDF in background


Is there a way to produce in a background process a PDF file, being given as input an XML file with its style?

Thank you!

Our understanding
XML + XSL = HTML → then Convert into PDF

XML + XSL transformation we can do via .Net Code

We would ask more about the detals and complexitiy of the resulting HTML. Maybe a direct PDF Conversion with e.g. Apache FOP… can be done

Otherwise the HTML → PDF conversion we can check the options of

  • Custom Libraries / 3rdTools
  • PrintToPDF Approaches

Hi @Irina_Butu ,
Thanks for reaching out to UiPath community.

Make sure you have the necessary UiPath packages installed. You might need activities related to working with XML files and PDF generation like Web.activities, PDF.activities, word.activities.

You can play around by using some activities to get the desired solution.