Convert xlsx with multiple sheets to xls


I would like guidance on converting multiple xlsx files which have more than 1 sheet to xls files, ideally keeping the sheets as they were (but will
Be ok if has to be separate xls files).

I have started with select folder, outputs to “SelectedFolder” variable, then assign “files” to “directory.getfiles(selectedfolder…etc. This is all fine.

I know I need to use two “for each” activities somehow but can’t figure out the layout and other variables required to make it work.



Update, I think I have done it, Its working anyway.

Feedback would be appreciated to see if there is any other ways, or better ways.

ThankXLSX to XLS With Multiple Sheets.xaml (10.9 KB)

I think Im happy with the sequence.

Next issue… When i move onto my actual folder full of excel files i get exception thrown at excel scope level. This is because some of the files are “corrupt” and don’t open. (I can open them manually with excel after recovery process, so data is all there still).

How can i make my sequence ignore and continue any corrupt files that throw this exception?

Thank you

Hey @MarkC1500

You can try following Snippet to convert .xlsx to .xls.
XLSX to XLS With Multiple Sheets_Aksh1Yadav.xaml (11.7 KB)

Note- if facing any problem let me know and office version too :slight_smile:


Hi. Once again i have answered my own question. I was trying to use Try/Catch but put it in the wrong place. I have put excel scope inside with Catch - ExcelException and Try - Continue.

Final Question hopefully… How do I run this without the excel window popping up for every file so I can still use my computer? If possible.

Again any feedback regarding better methods would be great.

Hi. I think the next step for me is knowing which files threw exception and then processing them in a different work flow (I will basically have to open each file, click the recover button, save file) which i will do on recorder. I just want these specific files outputted so i can use them in the next workflow.

Also, in my current work flow the files that threw exception aren’t getting deleted are they?


aksh1yadav - I will look at your workflow shortly. Thank you

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