Convert UiImage to an UIElement

Hey guys,

I had the idea to convert a pdf page into a saved Image, and then get the OCR text from the saved image. But I need to, in the Element inside the Get OCR Text properties, put the UIElement.
I used a “Load Image” activity to get the element to a variable, but instead of getting a Core.UiElement, I’m getting a Core.UiImage. Is there any way to convert an image into an UiElement?

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Buddy @Aqua1986
before get ocr text activity use a find image activity and pass the input of image to property image and get the output as uielement

then pass that uielement to Get ocr text element property buddy @Aqua1986

Kindly try this and let know buddy

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You could use Scrape Method from UiImage Object

did tat work buddy @Aqua1986

@asesor-rpa, I tried it before, and I get the message (sorry if it is lost in translation):

A reference to the ‘UiPath.Vision.Core, Version =, cultural = neutral, Public Key Token = null assembly that contains the type UiPath.Vision.OCROutput’ is required. Add one to the project.

@Palaniyappan, in my case, I saved before the pdf page as an image, cause I want my robot to be capable of doing it in a generic pdf with the same template of data, and if I choose the image I want to ocr, I can’t get the whole page.