Convert the dictionary to uipath.core.queueitem

How to convert the dictionary to UiPath.Core.Queueitem with expiration that’s means I don’t want use the Orchestrator queue

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You can follow this link. I hope that will be useful.

I am adding the ref prepared by @loginerror. You can change the specified fields. (974.3 KB)


Hi @muhammedyuzuak,

My concern is not related to the re framework.

I am getting the item from test suite queue which is dictionary So I wanted to convert that dictionary to queue to creating the test case

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Did you achieve this? Having the same question right now and can’t get it done

@Jaiswal_Vishal @aaguirrearanguren

First you need a Get Test Data Queue Item activity to retrieve the test queue item. Create a variable for the output (call it Output) of that activity. It should be of type Dictionary(string, object).

You then can create a variable of type QueueItem (Call it QueueItemVariable) and then initialize it an assign activity by doing QueueItemVariable = new QueueItem

Then do a second assign to populate the QueueItem’s SpecificContent
QueueItemVariable.SpecificContent = Output

This will allow you to the convert the Test Data Queue Item into a QueueItem variable

Create a variable with datatype UiPath.Core.QueueItem

Assign yourQIVar.SpecificContent = New Dictionary(Of String, Object)

Assign yourQIVar.SpecificContent = yourDictVar

Just so you know, this doesn’t “convert the dictionary into a queue item” because there is no such thing. A Queue Item is an object with many different properties - SpecificContent is just one of those properties.