Convert string variable of email is to mailmessage variables

How to convert mail Ids of string type to mailmessage variables in uipath.
Any vb. Net or c# code pls share with me it’s urgent pls. @Palaniyappan @NIVED_NAMBIAR


May I know why you want to convert it to MailMessage type

Hi @Suresh_reddy2 ,

I have attached a sample flow if it helps. I have assigned the mailID to “From” property of MailMessage data type. You can assign it to any other property of MailAddress type. (12.0 KB)


in reply outlook mail message we don’t have option to add new mail ids so we need to convert Ida to mailmessage variables

Hi, It’s not working can’t converting mail address variables to mailmwssage variable
Do you know the above type conversion


Yes we can’t add additional Mail IDs in Reply To Outlook Mail Message activity. By using this activity, we can send mail to either Sender or Send and Recipients.

And also we can’t convert Mail IDs of type String to MailMessage type.