Convert string too Boolean

How can I convert “IBC Or BCIS” To “IBC” or “BCIS”?

Hi @hedia

You can split the string with space.

yourString.Split(" "c) - This variable type should be in array of string.

Then, use arrayOfStringVariable(0) or arrayOfStringVariable(2)


Hi you can always go by the above solution provided by @vignesh.ks
there is also one more way of using split string activity where
1.Input is our input String value
2.Result is our output List
3.Separator is the desired delimiter ex: comma, space, hyphen

lets say you have a string kishan,agrawal you can use it in this wayuipath-split-a-string-1-1

Hello, i need to convert "IBC Or BCIS” to if value = “IBC” Or “BCIS”

Hi again @hedia

Or is a operator, you can’t passed it by variable.

You can split the string by space, then if value = arrayOfStringVariable(0) Or arrayOfStringVariable(2)

You should give Or in the condition manually.


and this one: ((NHs or Bill Account) and value)or Private or no charge or Patient ?

Could you please share expected output for input