Convert String to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

Hi Guys,
How to convert a string to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

Mahaling Patil


Do you want that string to Mail Body or to Mail Message?


I think you want to store mailbody in a string .Hence you need to use String Variable=(MailMessageVariable).Body

if Not than please Explain the question.


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I am storing my mail object as string in the Orchestrator and retrieving object as string from it.Then i have to read details from the object.

Mahaling Patil

Any update?

I want to get the same thing, convert string to Mail Message, not the other way around nor mail body.
I have emails saved in .msg and I’d like the robot to save these email attachments one by one, and then rename, etc.

Any Update on this Brother, as currently I’m looking the same.

You can’t. String is a simple datatype. Mailmessage is a complex datatype.

You can’t store mailmessages (complex datatypes) in Orchestrator Queues.