Convert String to DateTime to compare

Trying to convert a string that pull from an excel file into a date to compare if it before another date input.

The string is stored into the format yyyymmdd. From research I found the DateTime.ParseExact method but I’m a little confused with the IFormatProvider parameter.

I was planning on storing the date converted into a temp variable and comparing it with a date from user input.


start a try with DateTime.ParseExact(YourDateTimeString,“yyyyMMdd”,CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)
ensure that System.Globalization is imported to the namespace (see right, close to the variable panel tabs)

About your question:
e.g Dates/numbers … are different formatted within the different Countries/Cultures. Such formatting specifics are organized in e.g. CultureInfo

About your Plan:
Yes, once parsed into a datetime variable it can be used for logical operations e.g <, =, >…


Seems that every time I try to install the System.Globalization package I get an error saying Package installation failure. The version is currently 4.3.0 and if I try to install an earlier version it forces me to update.

its not a package
have a look here

In case of you are facing another issue, so e.g. share some screenshots with us

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found it. but before I did an error was appearing where it could not recognize CultureInfo. Do not remember changing anything to the file but it appears to be working now. Thank you @ppr

Note there is a correction, partly because of my question wording you have to use MM to identify the time as months inside the string else mm identifies the time as minutes in the string

Oh yes. thanks for update on this

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