Convert a string to datetime issues

Hi guys,
I tried to convert this string “08/11/2019” to a datetime to compare it to now.datetime with convert.todatetime(“string”) but that doesnt work (string to datetime conversion not allowed).

Some idea? :sob:

Hi @Farid,
Why not convert datetime to string and compare two strings? It’s easier :wink:

If you know the format, you can use Datetime.ParseExact(“String”,“format”) :slight_smile:

How can i compare datetime with this methods?

string1 > string 2


You also need to provide an IFormatProvider or Nothing.




yep, it was I did but the string is not recognized as a valide datetime ':frowning:


i have tried the below and it works fine


I assume iDate is being stored as a String Variable date = “08/11/2019”

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if you use Nothing like my example, my output datatime is this - 08/11/2019 00:00:00 (datetime variable)

I really dont know why it isn’t working for me xD

  • idate = datetime.ParseExact(“08/11/2019”,“MM/dd/yyyy”,Nothing)
  • write: idate.ToString

In your imports , do you have System.Globalization

Also idate is variable type System.Datetime?

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Can you post your XAML here? I’m guessing it has to do with your variable types. idate is a system.datetime variable correct?

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