Convert PDF Datatable to Excel

Hi Shail,

Since your pdf contains structured data, this is doable in a fairly small workflow.

Step 1. You first read the pdf file using pdf read activity - save the string and you will spot a pattern
Step 2. Perform some string manipulation to get the string output from Step 1 to look like a csv format (replacing double spaces with “,”)
Step 3. Uipath can now save that string directly as a temporary csv file, but I see that you want the result in excel. To save the result in excel, there are two more steps.
Step 4. You can now read the temporary CSV file and save the content to a Extracted datatable. Further to keep things clean, you can delete the temporary CSV.
Step 5. Finally, using the excel activity write the Extracted datatable to an Excel file

Dependencies: PDF activities (Official)

Here is a suggested solution which performs these 5 steps with your (81.9 KB)
Hope this helps!