Convert Library to Process

Hi all,
I accidentally created my entire project as a library but I need it to be a process for certain reasons. Is there a way to convert it to a process? The robot won’t read libraries for some reason. So i need to make this project a process. How can I achieve this?


In the project.json file of your project, you can simply change the Type from “Library” to “Workflow” or vice versa. This is how Studio or Robot.exe publishes it to the different type.




thanks! It threw me an error so what i did was copy the project.json file of a workflow and repalce it in the library one and changed the name in a text file of the .json.

It shouldn’t give you an error, but you will need to close the xaml first then after reopen the xaml. If you show what the error said, maybe I know what the problem was. But, either way, replacing the .json with one from another project works too., except this could mess up your dependencies if you use this workaround in the future :smiley:

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