Convert JsonArray into A JsonObject

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to assign a Json Array of Value “TableMatch” to OutExtractionResults.ResultsDocument.Tables(1)

Hence I’ve coded

OutExtractionResults.ResultsDocument.Tables(1) = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of ResultsTable())(TableMatch)

But since TableMatch is a json array I cant pass this argument.

I tried deserializing TableMatch from JArray to JObject and added new variable “TableObject”

How can I assign OutExtractionResults.ResultsDocument.Tables(1) = to “TableObject”?

@Yoichi Please do help if you know an approach, thank you!


As type of OutExtractionResults.ResultsDocument.Tables(1) is ResultsTable , we need to create ResultsTable instance, first.

There are 4 types of ResultType contractor. Please use either of them which fits your requreiment. (It may be necessary to crate ResultsTableValue instance, too)

BTW, why do you need to write your data to ExtractionResults? In general, it’s returned from DataExtractionScope and/or ValidationStation etc.