Convert integer to data table ( print integer in excel file)

welcome :robot:
I have a sequence to extract the number of days of the month as in the picture

I want to print the result in an excel file and I get the error
How to solve the problem and print the number of days in Excel ??

Hi @Muneer_Alrashdan,
This error appear as the only accepted value to be added in write range is Datatable not integer so you need first to use build data table activity first then use add data row at the end the output will be Data table can be added normally into write range activity.
also find below videos that will help you to understand this point.
Hope my answer helped you if you still face any issue please update us.

Thanks @mahmoud.zaky :heart:
But the excel file exists and I want to print the sequence in Cell (H38).

Did you need only to read this Cell (H38) or this cell changed every time? if this cell (H38) is static location for your value so simply you can use read cell it will helps you :slight_smile:

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