Convert GenericValue to String


I want to convert a GenericValue, which is an output of an get row item, to string.
When I try to use assigns with : “myString = genVal.toString” there occurs a error.

Another way could be to check if the GenericValue includes a specifical word. But I also don’t know a way to check this.

Can someone help me?


What is the value that you want to convert, Generic value transforms itself into the type of value it gets. It can save any sort of value. Can you show what is the value you want to convert

The value in the row item is: " “Succes:” + now.toString".

That means Success: 09/11/2018 14:21:46 this you want to convert to string? Can you show the exception you are getting

Solved it:

The error was: “assign: object reference not set to an instance of an object”

Some cells in the datatable were empty. So I first have to check if genVal<> “” and if this match I have to assign the variable with str=genVal.toString.

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