Can we convert generic type into data row type var

Hi, can we convert generic into data Row type ?


Yes we can mention that as input to ARRAYROW property or ADD DATA ROW ACTIVITY like this
But we can directly convert that to Datarow type
Cheers @balkishan


No we won’t be able to mention the REMOVE DATAROW activity with a generic value
Generic value generally holds
String, integers, arrays but won’t take Datarow

Cheers @balkishan

Hi Balkishan,
First of all you need to know the structure of datarow. The generic variable is having only a single value, but the data row consists of multiple or single values in it as different columns. Either you can pass that generic value into one of the columns in the datarow. But cannot pass generic as datarow.


how can we pass in a columns, like I want to pass in 2nd column?

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specify you datarowvariable(“Columnnumber”)=“the value you are passing”

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can we pass the columnName also in ColumnNumber ?

You cant do that because it cannot recognise which is that column using column name. Because it has only one single row and no headers

Would you like to insert in all rows of the second column with a value from this variable


yeah. Are you getting any errors?

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yes, which applicable for all rows, it will be dynamic only. suppose I have 1 to 10 ID’s in the DT. If getEID has 9 then it will remove the 9 from the 2nd column. Hope you got bro. likewise we’ll do for all.

you should use .contains(getEID.tostring)

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can you please write according to the above screenshot?


showing error.

can you send the workflow

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