Convert from studio x to studio

my studio was convert to studiox automaticly

Hi @jimmy2

I think you have used the enterprise trail edition, when it expires the UiPath Studio will directly change from Studio to Studio x.

In this case, you have to change the organization name in your profile. After you installed the Studio after that you are logging in, it will ask for organization name change the organization name then it will give the access to UiPath Studio.

Note - The enterprise trail edition will applicable for only one time for one user account.

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can I renew the enterprise trail? do you know the link?

No @jimmy2 . The Enterprise trail edition is have only for 60 days this is free after its expiry we cannot renew it.

You need to create a new account with the new mail id then only you can enable the Enterprise pro trail edition.

Hope you understand!!

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Even after renewing your trial, you will have to uninstall the studio and reinstall. Then only you will have Studio.

Ashok :slight_smile:

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I hope you find the solution for your query.

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Hi, how to change the organization name in profile?
I can’t modify it below

Hi @jimmy2

You need to create a new account with different Mail ID and from that you can enable the pro trail for accessing AI Center and Document Understanding.

Hope you understand!!

Just learned another option and it’s very quick.

Go to Settings → License and Profile → Change Profile → Select UiPath Studio