Convert from str to Int and multiply by *-1

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I am facing a issue with converting a variable from string to integer. The robot reads a range from excel and then i assign each column to a variable: row(x).ToString. One column (“Amount”) is composed by amounts. So the robot reads this amounts as string and I do the following steps:

Assign activity --> Value = Cint(“Amount”)

Write cell act --> Value * -1

Doing that, i get this message error in the assign activity: Asignar: Conversion from string “55.358,61” to type ‘Integer’ is not valid.

So, how could i do it to convert to integer and multiply? Because I don’t know if Value * -1 is correct.

Many thanks!

The error must be in the format 55.358,61
Bot knows .(Dot) as decimal separator and having ,(Comma) after that is invalid. hence the error

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Hi @Angel_Llull,

You are truncating the number this way

The conversion should be to Decimal. Also you should eliminate the point in the amount, i think i will give you problems

The *-1 on the other end works fine

If you need any suggestion on the implementation, ask :smiley:

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Hey @Angel_Llull

First of all we need to convert your amount to a double and not an integer (integers are only whole numbers, while doubles can hold decimal values).

Your culture has reversed thousand seperator and decimal. That is UiPath will need it in the following format: 55,358.61. My culture is Danish and I face the same “problem” as you.

Here is, how we solve it:

We have two variables: Amount (String) = “55.358,61” and Value (Double)

First we convert our Amount to a double and “tell” UiPath, that we use another culture in our UI.
Assign: Value = Convert.ToDouble(Amount, system.Globalization.CultureInfo.InstalledUICulture)

Then we can do our calculation:

Attached is the xaml for you: Main.xaml (4.2 KB)

Let me know, if that helps :blush:

Kind regards
Anders Jensen

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as @AndersJensen mentioned it is all about formats and Cultures.

With this following alternates you can take control on it:


first line: we can set the Culture which are to apply (I am forcing to spanish, but my locals are different)
second line: we can check if the value is parseable or not

Another option to take didicated control on it is using the Numberformat isolated:

find demo xaml here:
CustomDoubleParse.xaml (5.5 KB)

Ensure following that you can write shorter statements:


Hello @AndersJensen,

Many thanks for your answer!! It worked!

Now, in the excel, amounts are in negative. But they are written with a “.” where there should be a comma “,”. 55.48 instead of 55,48.

Do you know if it is possible to change it?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

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I am doing this but it is not working:

Message error: CultureInfo not defined.

Thanks :slight_smile:

refer to my post from above
import system.globalization

Many thanks! It worked :slight_smile:

Perfect, I am happy that it is working.
May I ask you to set back the solution flag back to @AndersJensen as he inital brought the essentials into the discussion. Thanks

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