Convert excel to pdf without third party package, with no excel installed on machine

hi, any way we can convert excel file to pdf?
tried invoking powershell but its not working due to excel is not available in machine.


Yes, you can convert an Excel file to PDF in UiPath even if Excel is not installed on the machine. Here are a few ways to do this:

  1. Use a third-party library or tool to convert Excel to PDF: There are several third-party libraries or tools available that can be used to convert Excel files to PDF, such as Aspose.Cells, Syncfusion, or OpenOffice. You can use UiPath’s Invoke Code activity to call the library’s methods or functions to perform the conversion.
  2. Use a virtual environment or remote desktop: If Excel is not installed on the machine where UiPath is running, you can use a virtual environment or remote desktop to run the automation on a machine that has Excel installed. UiPath provides support for virtual environments like Citrix or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which allows you to automate processes on a remote machine.

Hi @syezids

Install the UiPath.Excel.Activities package & use the Excel to PDF activity. In the properties panel, specify the path of the Excel file you want to convert to PDF. Then, specify the output path and name for the PDF file.

Note that the Excel application does not need to be installed on the machine for this activity to work. The activity uses the Microsoft Office Interop library, which is included with UiPath.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

i have UiPath.excel.activities 2.16.2 ibstalled but Excel to PDF activity is not there. is this being depreciated?


I believe it’s not deprecated. Please try finding this activity availability:

Best Regards.

yep that’s the thing, ive read around forum seeing this activity is available to others, but when i check on mine its not there

i only have the normal UiPath.excel.activities

Hi, I checked with mine is UiPath.excel.activities v2.17.0-preview and it’s there. I think perhaps you are still in Classic Design Experience. You could Show the Modern Activities first, since the activities is only in Modern Design Experience.

Before ‘show modern’:

After ‘show modern’:


yes you are correct, once filtered to show modern its there.
however, i still got this errror

i thought we can use this activity without having excel installed? @arjunshenoy kindly advice

Hey @syezids ,

To use the Save Excel As PDF activity, excel must be installed in your machine.

Incase if excel is not installed in your machine and you can’t use any third party package, you have to write your own custom activity which will accept the HTML, Output PDF file path as a input and the output will be the PDF file in will the excel table will be saved.


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