Convert Datatable column(string) to Date

I have scraped a particular table. The datatable consist of column(“Created Date”) which is something like “9/21/2020 11:55 AM” in this format.

I need to sort the datable in ascending order (created date) , for that I need to convert the "Created Date " column to Date format.

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Check as below

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Without using loop, i want the column datatype and rows for that column change to date

You can not change the type in a DataTable when it contains data.

@moenk then how to sort on ascending date?

This will be a string sort though, but might work in this case:

No,this is not working…It is taking as string,need to convert to date

find starter help here:
DT_SortDate.xaml (7.0 KB)

for finding the correct format just check the content of the datatable while debugging (Excel visual value is not mandatory the same within the datatable after a read range)

Demo on this format:


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