Convert column to row

I share my excel …from that i want to convert excel to excelinput output

I want output like …(output file)…1st is input file and i want output like second file…
please help…

@Shubham_Akole Can you provide the Input excel file, it will be easier to get it if you have already have it prepared :sweat_smile: otherwise we would need to generate the same excel file .

input.xlsx (7.9 KB)

@Shubham_Akole - above can be done with excel transpose actions. pls have a look below article for sample solution.

Check this below workflow, @Shubham_Akole
Excel_Automation.xaml (14.9 KB) and
Create or use this template output file like this, OutputFile.xlsx (7.5 KB) and in the workflow in write range assign the path of this excel file.
Hope this may help you :slight_smile: