Convert already encrypted excel files to csv

I tried to convert an excel sheet to csv but the file is already encrypted. I need to fetch password from another excel sheet and decrypt the excel file using the password. I tried cryptography activities for the same but it never worked for me. Is it the right method or is there any other method for the same?

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K

If the excel file is encrypted, you had add the password in the read range property panel

after reading the excel , write the datatable to csv file using write csv file activity

Nived N

Hi Nived,
I tried doing it but gives an error.

Read Range: Specified method is not supported.
How to resolve it?

Can u restart ur workflow or try updating your excel packages @Gopalakrishnan_K

Done it but no change.


Let us know that encrypted means it is encrypted with AES mode kind of thing?

If so then you can use Decrypt File activity in Cryptography activities

Let us know the issue you are facing once you decrypt the file

Hope this may help you


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