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I have a string variable ‘ReconDate’ that accepts date from the user in the format ddMMyy (Eg:100319) .
I need to convert it to DateTime format so that I can use the AddDays() with it in order to get the previous date (090319) , so as to get the previous folders date(The folder names are in the format ddMMyy).

@itsahmedfiroz Check this Convert DateTime to string and remove unwanted time? - #3 by Himanshu.joshi

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You can try this also.

"strResult=New DateTime(Convert.ToInt32(strValue.Substring(4, 2)), Convert.ToInt32(strValue.Substring(2, 2)), Convert.ToInt32(strValue.Substring(0, 2))).AddDays(-1).ToString("ddMMyy") "

Sample (2.1 KB)


Convert.ToDateTime(ReconDate) - 1

Above should give you 090319 if ReconDate is 100319

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