What are the major tools you know in UiPath platform

Mention all the tools and uses in UiPath platform


UiPath Studio
UiPath Orchestrator
UiPath Insights

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Studio - Used for Authoring/Developing
Orchestrator - Used for Monitoring and Execution
Test Manager - Used for Testing purpose and execution
Robot - Managing the processes
Assistant - For managing the Robots

UI Path studio
Ui Path Assistant.
Ui Path Orchestrator

UiPath Insights: Analytics tool that provides real-time visibility into the performance of automation workflows.
UiPath Orchestrator: Managing and deploying automation workflows across multiple robots and environments.
UiPath Studio: Environment for creating automation workflows using drag&drop activities.

Studio - to create workflows
Orchestrator- To monitor Bots
Assistant - we use for attended bots?

UI Path Orchestrator
UI Path Robot
UI Path Studio

UiPath studio
UiPath orchestrator
UiPath Assistant

UiPath Sudio : by using studio we can design and develop debug the project we can change the code.

UiPath Orchestrator: By using orchestrator we can add the projects into orchestrator in the form of Queues and we can run trigger the jobs we can execute.

ReFramework: By using RE we will develop large scale projects and deployments

UI Path Studio - Used to build Robots using different activities
UiPath Orchestrator - Used to deploy the projects and monitor the tasks
Ui Path Assistant - Helps users to interact with robots. Used for Attended bots

UiPath Studio : For building the procees and workflows

UiPath Orchestrator : For Deploying the builded process and monitoring the bot functionality

UiPath Assistant: It is a connectivity between studio and orchestrator

Studio- for developing automation workflow
Orchestrator - centralized provision of managing jobs,robots and machines.
UiPath Apps- Customised Apps can be created
AI center - Document understanding and ML skills can be made use of.

UiPath Academy - learning tool for UiPath

UiPath Studio - Uses for create, develope and deploy the process.
UiPath Orchestrator - It used for monitoring and run the process.
UiPath Robots(Assistant) - Uses for executing the process. And it’s connected between the studio and orchestrator.
UiPath forum - uses for asking and clarifying doubts.

UiPath Studio: Uses for Developing process in sequence
UiPath Robot : Uses for Run Process Locally
UiPath Orchestrator: Can Manage, Access, Trigger the process

UiPath studio: by using UiPath studio we can create the workflows by using different activities.
UiPath orchestrator: This product of UiPath is used to publish the projects or the automation workflows and monitering the bots
UiPath Robot : UiPath robot is machine to run the process that we have created {attended & un attended bot }

UI Path has below major 3 tools for user development, Maintain the bots and running the bots:

  1. UI Path Studio - Its used for development purpose by RPA Developers
  2. UI Path Orchestrator: Its used for maintain the bots activities like monitor the bots running, creating machines, robots and Schedule the bots
  3. UI Path Assistant - Its mainly used by Users for running the bot the manually where manual intervention required

Orchestrator- manages the creation, monitoring,scheduling and controlling of automated bots and process.
Acts as a repository.

To design automation workflows with basic programming knowledge.

Robots: Acts as a agent between studio and orchestrator and run the job based on triggers/scheduling.

Market place: can install or download new features paid/free version.

UiPath form: will be able to post questions get answers and we can answer the posed questions.

UiPath Studio - Used to build robots, Contains multiple panels and used for drag and drop functionality.
UiPath Orchestrator- used to deploy the robot
UiPath Assistant - used to interact with robots

UiPath has 3 compnents
UiPath studio which enables todesign the automation process in a visusal manner
uipathrobot which excutes the process in studio
orchestrator its a web application acts as a centralized platorm for robots , where we can deploy monitor, manage the robots

UiPath Studio : Studio helps us to design automation workflows .
It is used to visualize qucikly.
It has the functions such as drag and Drop activities.
UiPath Orchestrator: It is used to monitoring, scheduling and controlling of automated bots.
It also function as a repository for Libraries.
UiPath Robot: It acts as a agent between the Orchestrator and studio.