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Sometimes (twice a month), some of my SAP-workflows throw an exception that gets sent to me through TryCatch. The workflow ends unfinished at this point.

Most of them are caused by an information box from SAP. A user would also be interrupted. He has to click on “okay” to continue his workflow.
Is there a possibility to catch this box and continue the workflow? The selector of this box is always the same…

Thank you!

Hi @Michael2

Try to use Parallel Activity.

Here you can execute multiple sequences at a time. so you can keep Actual workflow and in other workflow keep actions what you are trying to perform on the Information box.


Hi @Michael2

Sounds to me like you could handle this with a Global Exception Handler.

In the GEH, use Element Exists and click “okay” and set result to retry, if there actually is this information box you mentioned.

Read the documentation and check out the sample workflow provided by UiPath: Global Exception Handler

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


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Hi Lukas,
thank you very much - I think, it’s the right way to handle this.

In the beginning, I was a bit confused about this mechanic - there is no obvious connection between this handler and a workflow.
Solution: There is an entry in the project.json:

“runtimeOptions”: {
“exceptionHandlerWorkflow”: “GlobalHandler.xaml”


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