Can the Global Handler retry a Workflow instead of a single activity?

Is there be a way for the Global Handler to retry not an action; but a workflow?

The Global Exception Handler allows you to retry any failed activity a certain number of times, before aborting.
But when Ui interaction fails because a window wasn’t open for example, retrying the same activity seems pointless, because the activity will never find its target element.
In this case, you might simply want the handler to open the window, and then retry the activity. But for more complicated tasks, a more reliable solution might be to retry the entire workflow the activity was in.
If you invoke the workflow from the Handler though, it doesn’t keep count of retries, because for that feature to work, the handler needs to fully close, then open again. The invoke workflow activity is keeping the Handler from fully closing, because it’s happening inside the Handler.

Shouldn’t there be a way to retry not an action, but a workflow; after the Handler has closed?

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In this case, try/catch block would fit the need.
And also you can use Wait for Element or Element Exists in your workflow to handle these issues. These issues are known. These issues can be handled.
Global Exception Handler is if any unknown exception in the execution.

Yes. But using a tryCatch block for every single click activity for example, is not an elegant solution; and will probably cause a debugging nightmare.
If I use a single big tryCatch for my main workflow inside a doWhile, I can retry only the entire workflow, but not its individual “Sub” Workflows.

I’ll probably end up using your suggestion, so thanks!
But I still feel like it should be a no-brainer to have this feature.


I agree to the point. We have to wait until there are more options to be added for Global Exception Handler. For example Global Exception Handler fails after re-try then it would be nice to trigger some state (close apps) and decide whether to re-start or abort.

Karthik Byggari

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Would it be a good idea to specify a different Global Handler for each workflow?