Continue after flowchart switch decision?

My automation comes to a flow switch (I chose this to avoid nested “ifs” and for expandability) where it will take one of two paths. My issue is after the switch decision has been made, it seems to be executing the workflow in the correct switch branch sequence, however, when it completes the activities in the sequence, it doesn’t exit the sequence (it never gets to the log message), it just times out. Am I missing something elementary? Do I need another activity to move it along? thanks

It sounds like an infinite loop - it can occur by an actual loop activity or some activity trying to fetch/ retrieve data and fail (waiting for the user input validation?)… please share your source file so we can know for sure

Other idea is to put logs after each activity inside your sequence and see which activity particularly gets timed out

Hoped I could help

Thanks for the suggestions, Everything was fine in the flowchart, it was timing out on “on element appear” after it had completed all the activities in the “do” section… (weird right?) I reworked it and it’s fine now. thanks again!

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