Container of Click activity with partial selector

This is one of the questions in the mock exam. I think the answer is A-Get Active Window, but I am not sure why the other answers are incorrect. Thanks in advance for clarifying.


@amodsinghal A Click Activity with a Partial Selector meaning it doesn’t contain the window element, Hence It Should have a Window Selector to Identify on which Window the Click Should be executed.

Do While is just a Looping Statement, On Element Appear is to Identify an Element inside a Window, It doesn’t attach the Window for the inner activities used. Excel Application Scope is used to open an Excel file, and again it doesn’t have a Selector at all.

So in Short the Top most Selector would be present in an Attach Browser Activity or Attach Window or Get Active Window Activity.

Thanks! Well explained. If you could kindly write a short workflow where the Click activity has a partial selector, I would very much appreciate it. I tried, but I am always getting Full Selector. Do I have to create the Click activity via a recorder for it to have partial selector?

Never mind about the example. I found one in the online tutorial. Thanks.

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