ConstrainedCopy of array


Can anyone explain me that how can I apply the’ concept “ConstarainedCopy” in uipath workflow.

ConstrainedCopy (Array sourceArray, int sourceIndex, Array destinationArray, int destinationIndex, int length);

So that I can specific copy elements of array to another array in a single step.

I think simplest way just use invoke code activity.
But for my opinion it’s not worth it. Using optimized way of copy array elements in RPA projects I think its just overkill. We wait 1 second for some button in UI and for this time you can uneffective combine I think million arrays together.
If I need combine array I would use LINQ operators. Because they self explanatory. For example,
a,b, c array of something.
c = a.Concat(b).ToArray - c contains both elements a and b.

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