How to execute no data return functions in UIPath Studio

I am trying to execute this expression Array.Copy(totalArray, 0, newDataArray, 0, 11) in UIPath Studio but not getting I searched online and found invoke method is used to call this type of methods can any one help me how can I execute this expression using invoke method.

  1. Drag Invoke Method activity
  2. Browse for type “System.array” for Target Type, let Target Object since we want to use the static method, not the one from an instance object.
  3. Write which method you would like to use (Copy in our case)


  1. Set the argument property (panel on the right of the studio) “Parameters” to match the signature of the method - being in our case: System.array, Int32,System.array,Int32,Int32

Once you click ok, validation error from invoke method should disappear.
Still, your invocation will need to be logically correct and should, for example, indexes not going out of range etc…



Thank you so much @Florent_Salendres…It worked perfectly.

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