Consecutive retry

Hi All,

I was doing a course in UiPath acedemy and was trying to under the consecutive retry.

In the config file the Max consecutive retry is set to 0 and max consecutive system exception is set to 1.
I ran the ReFramework excercise once on the first transaction and manually closed down the app so it would reach the max consecutive system exception of 1. Cant get my head around why the consecutive retry number is 2 when it only ran once and doesnt appear to have retried twice.

Any help in understanding this is greatly appreciated.

Hello @Heng

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  • Initially the consecutive retry number is set to 0.
  • When an exception is occurred the workflow executed the System exception block and after taking the screenshot incremented the Consecutive retry number.
    Consecutive retry number is set to 1
  • In Init state workflow will check for consecutive retry number and if consecutive retry number > = Configured value then
    in throw the log message will increment the Consecutive retry number as shown in below image.

Hence Consecutive retry number is set to 2

Hope its clear now.


Hi Rohith, yes I get it now thank you for your help.

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