Reframework queue state

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Please help me with the below queries.

  1. I have configured Max # of retries=3 in orchestrator, if System exception is thrown in process state, what would be the state of Queue of particular data and will to go for next data to transfer ?

  2. I have configured Max retry number=3, if system exception is thrown, what would be the state of queue ?

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Hi @Pavan_kumar15

The queue status will be retried and the new queue will be created at the last. When a system exception occurs the flow will be moved to the init state and the process will be started again from intializing the applications.


HI @Pavan_kumar15

Please check the below doc for better understanding.


Hi Varunraj,

Thanks for the info…

Is this same for max consecutive system exception?

And also, what if max retry is 2 and max consecutive retry is 3 which one will be executed?

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Hi @pavan_kumar

If the maximum retry is set to 2 and the maximum consecutive retry is set to 3, then the maximum consecutive retry will be executed. This means that the system will attempt the operation up to 3 times consecutively before considering the attempt a failure, regardless of the maximum retry limit


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