Connection to Postgresql

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me how the bot can access to a Postgresql DB, hosted in a Lytnx environment and pull the data.

Rhitam Deb

Hi Buddy
We have an option called execute query activity in uipath. If you have the db servername, username and password you can connect to your db with these activities,
you can mention the query you want to execute in the db with this execute query or
if you want to get the table from db you can again use this execute query or
even if you want to insert any datatable to your db you can use insert query activity and
so on

To get these activities, download the package from manage package menu in design tab

Hope this would help you

The DB is present in other system which runs on Lynx…will it solve the issue?

No worries buddy, lets try

For more reference kindly have a look at this link


Hi All,
In Uipath Go ! you can get the Postgresql activities that I have attached it here.