Connecting to Gsuite issue -

Hi! I keep getting the following error when connecting to gsuite? Any suggestions? Thank you!!

“GSuite Application Scope: Unable to find a constructor to use for type UiPath.Shared.Authentication.Google.Models.GoogleAccount. A class should either have a default constructor, one constructor with arguments or a constructor marked with the JsonConstructor attribute. Path ‘AccountNo’, line 1, position 13.”

Screenshot 2021-11-02 134248|690x311

Can you confirm if you are using service account or not?

Mention the service account of you are using it. If the issue is with authentication then it’ll be mostly related to account validation via OAuth, so you may consider using other mode of authentication.

Use service account, that is recommended T enterprise level. Google cloud platform will help you to create and manage the service account for a particular app/entity.

I’m not using a service account but I can try. Why doesn’t OAuth work?

that needs to be checked using IT team’s help.

As it is an enterprise system, that has gateway to pass through when we use a OAuth. That sometimes is even blocked by firewall and VPN. That all needs to ve take care at rhe time of providing the OAuth credentials.

OAuth works fine but as per your error the authentication is failed via OAuth hence I suggested to use different mode of authentication, like service account.