Connected As Unattended Robot. Sign In Or Enable Troubleshooting Session From Orchestrator For Debugging Purposes

How to Configure Troubleshooting Sessions?

After installing Studio the user could not sign-in for Troubleshooting Sessions.


The Configure Troubleshooting Sessions option is only available if interactive authentication is enforced. It is needed to enforce Interactive Authentication from Tenant / Settings / Robot Security and check Interactive Sign-on SSO for this option to be available.


  1. Connect Assistant to Orchestrator by using the template machine key and sign-in feature.
  2. The "Troubleshooting Sessions" feature is accessible by going into Tenant - Monitoring - Unattended Sessions tab.

  1. Select Configure Troubleshooting Sessions menu from that page and the troubleshooting session dialog opens:

  1. Adjust the session timeout and save.

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