Connect to API using OAuth2 authentication

Trying to connect to an API using OAuth2 authentication but keep getting the error below

“message” “invalid_header_type”
“ErroCode” “invalid_auth_header

Does any body has some guidelines of how to set it up?

Thank you!


The error states that , it is missing some header or you are sending wrong header type which is required parameter for the request. Have you tried the same in post man?

Most of the cases, the header with the authorization token is “content-type”…

I’m able to see the data in postman so I’m assuming it’s just how I’m setting up the http request on UiPath. Do you have an example of how to set up the HTTP activity?

There’s a YouTube video that I found but it doesn’t require any authentication and my case is a little different than that

Are you sending the request in uipath as you are sending in postman? I mean the headers and method? @icosinga