Connect SAP using Invoke code to perform read/write operations

I want to explore the possibility of performing read/write operations into SAP using invoke code activity. Need to know how to establish a connection to the SAP and how to perform the operations into it.

Hi @suraj3501 :wave:

You cannot use invoke code for automating SAP applications, that would make things complicated. To get started, try the SAP UI automation activities.



Thanks Rahul.

But UiPath activities has the limitations. For the transaction we are using, it could not read the data from the Tree view. It can only read using get text for the data which is visible. We tried to use the Find Children activity but that also didn’t help. So for the workaround we are using VBS scripting which seems to work very fast.
I am trying to find an alternative to VBS or VBA. So was just checking if I can use VB.NET code to access SAP interface instead.

If you want to click on a particular tree-list item then you can use hover activity and then perform a click on that text.

To extract the list, refer this link: