Config file clean up

Dear creators,

I have a config file with lots of names and values, which is used in a big project, at the same the config file contains many unused names which are not used in that project.

Problem; Developers added unwanted names in the config file, they forgot to remove unused names and values at the time of production.

Now, I want to clean up those unused config names and values from the config file which is not used in the project.

Is there any simple way to do that?

Srenivasan Kannan

Hi @SrenivasanKanna

Have we assigned the config to a variable! If yes

Remove unused varible will help in this case.

Use can see from the right corner in the ribbons!



In my opinion we don’t have any capability to identify unused config variables in the config excel itself. we have to take variable name one by one and search with the name in our total project and understand if any activities are having with this config variable name we have to keep it or else we can remove from the config file. thanks.


@pravin_calvin thanks Pravin , that I’m aware of removing unused variables, arguments, workflows, dependencies…

My question is … in my config sheet contains many names and values, here only a few names are used as variable to the projects, so I want to remove names and values from the config workbook which is not involved in the project.

The main motto is to clean up the config workbook.
@loginerror any solution to this…

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Yeah, that is the manual work we were doing now. Thank you

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Ok understood. Just thought from my side can we try one work around not sure whether it works or not.

Whenever we create any variable the name will stored under variable tag in xaml files.
If we can use the variable nane same we mentioned in config file so that we can create automation that read all the value from the config file and check one by one whether it is available in xaml if it is available we can keep that entry in config or else we can delete from config in automated.

Any way we have to be careful while dealing with xaml files it may lead for corruption. But in our case we are just going to read them ans store in text file if we want.

Please give it try on my suggestion and let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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I will try and let you know, Thanks

Sure. please let us know. thanks

It’ll still be a manual job but what might speed it up a bit:
Use notepad++ to scan your .xaml files for the config keys using “find in files”.
If you get no hits it is unused and you can remove it from your config…

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