UIPath Studio Duplicates variables

When I make copies of sequences Studio makes wrong duplicates of variables (there is no need in that at all, and i never had this need) and breaks working project with different duplicated variables up to broken connections between them.
Also Studio moved all variables to common external scope.

Are you asking how to delete the unused variable?

To remove the duplicate variables and avoid them impacting the workflow in design tab we got an option called Remove Unwanted variables
which would remove the duplicate variables

Cheers @vadim

No, thanks. The question is in that why developers released 2019.6.0 ‘‘Stable’’ version, which functionality is very unstable and has a lot of bugs.

Remove unused variables is used for another purposes and does not work in case described above.

Hi @vadim

I have not seen this issue in this version. So you mentioned that you are coping sequences from another workflow to another. Does this mean that you are duplicating the entire file or you are copying and pasting part by part from another workflow?

Copying the whole sequence having complex structure from one file into another new empty sequence of the second file.

you mean like when you are copying a separate sequence and pasting it into your sequence there occurs a duplicacy of variables like you have some variables in your workflow named similar to that of one that you copied right

If so the only remedy is we need to first import the workflow that we need to include in ours and then start developing the workflow so that we can avoid the duplication of variable while we create them
if we know the variable name of the workflow that we are going to copy then try to create a variable of same name

i hope the second is quite difficult so please go for the first option
Cheers @vadim

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You don’t understand. Variables must not be duplicated and must not spoil the workflow when you are moving or copying parts of workflow between different files, that cannot contain variables with the same name. You are talking about another topic again.

Kindly come again with the question


He has a xaml file and he is trying to copy and paste part by part to another workflow because is quite complex. This paste is making duplicates of the same variables in the same scope :slight_smile:

That’s what I understood…

I’m still thinking what can be the reason for this. Haven’t happened to me before.

@vadim, Is there a possibility of copying the entire file, and then removing the unwanted stuff one by one?

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I rewrote files, then started debugging, and found out that project does not work. I couldn’t roll back (cuz haven’t made backup or commit) and it’s my fail. Therefore, now i am refactoring entire project and removing excess trash.

all scope variables were moved into one common external scope and variables were duplicated. i need to bring each variable back to its scope.

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