Config error with object reference error

i have mail activities only so i have used everything on process.xaml

It will run but you’ll run into some problems like you’re doing now. Removing InitAllSettings.xaml workflow is one of those issues you’re facing.

i did nt remove initallsettings @OpalSnow

If you’re able - zip up the project and attach it here.

It contains confidential data so i wont able to post tha5

i have masked the data and used simple test.xaml and im uploading it (500.4 KB)
u can have any excel file

a gentle reminder @OpalSnow @supermanPunch

The project you attached seems to work fine. You are passing the arguments correctly to all workflows and the xlpath value in test.xaml seems to be correct as it holds the value of your excel sheet’s excelpath value. Also the Read Range activity taking this xlpath argument worked correctly. It ended up showing me the data table in a message box.

Could you run the project you attached and show us a screenshot of UiPath Studio with the exception.

i have found the problem in transaction number i have added queue item and it worked

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Hello All,

I seem to have the same issue and facing object reference error when a variable is being called from config file. in_Config(“Name”).toString
Unable to find the root cause. Any help/advise is much appreciated.

Adding few screenshots. MaxCounter is first variable calling from Settings in Config and getting error. After commenting MaxCounter, getting the same error when another Config variable is being called.


From the below screen.No clue from my end. Can you run the code in debug mode. You will find the where it is failing… Object reference will if you pass the value as empty.

It is failing at MaxCounter assign activity only. I have declared this variable in Config file.

Hi Shobhit_Gupta,

You probably did not pass the config variable from init to the process you want to use it.
At InitialSetting Import Arguments you should assign “Config” to out_Config which is an existing variable in REFramework assuming you are using it.

Then, whenever you want to invoke a process and use the value in Config you need to

  1. Go into the workflow and declare in direction argument called in_Config preferably with correct type
  2. Save it.
  3. Back to Main where you invoke your workflow, import arguments. Here you will have to assign Config (variable you pass from initsetting at the beginning) to in_Config that you have just declared.

Kah Liang

Here is the screenshot of initAllsetting workflow. I guess I have done what you have explained. InitAllsetting is invoked in First run sequence in below screenshot

Hi @skg_161125,

So did it work?

Where is the process that you need to invoke the Config?
Remember to pass the variable.

Kah Liang

No, still facing the same error.

Here is the screenshot of process where config variables are called.


Hi you are missing the Value for in_Config that you just uploaded. Assign “Config” variable.

Kah Liang