Conditional Formatting duplicate values

Hello, I am relatively new to Uipath. I am trying to format an excel sheet by adding a conditional formatting rule that finds duplicates like in the image below

I have a sheet where I have separated the negative rows from the positive based on column D. Now I am trying to match the bottom positive end of the table with the top negative based on the value in column C, highlighting the found duplicates. Is there a way for me to do this using uipath?


Hy @Charmaine_Matsaudza,

You could record an excel macro and then call it in uipath

Would you like me to do it an explain how it works?

hi @William_Blech_Sister, thank you for your response.
Yes please,an explanation would be greatly appreciated. And also, will i be able to use this method if my table rows and columns are dynamic.

Excelent @Charmaine_Matsaudza, !!

Could you send here a sample of the excel file you want to automate so I can prepare something for you?


Please find the attached sampleexample.xlsx (8.0 KB)


Could you insert headers in your sheet? What are the conditional format rules you want to apply?

i have put headers on the tableexample2.xlsx (8.3 KB)

I would like to highlight the duplicates in the bottom part of the table when compared to the top part using column C.


Hy @Charmaine_Matsaudza,

Sorry for my late reply, I was just thinking of a way to do your process in UiPath like it must be done in UiPath, not in Excel (30.7 KB)

Please have a look at the workflow I have designed, if you have any questions please let me know.

If this solution is “OK” for you dont forget to “Mark this Post as Solution”



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