Concurrent automation


Does uipath supports concurrent automation ? For example, I have a scenario, where I have to copy data from notepad and paste it in excel, and if i have to copy the data from 10 different text files to excel, can i do it concurrently or it is done only in a sequential manner ?


Hi @aegalaivan,

Your idea is good and there is an activity called ‘Parallel’ when you can execute activities in parallel. but take a scenario where the notepad1 data is copied and is in clipboard, now Notepad2 is read here the clipboard value is replaced by newer data, hence you will loose the Notepad1 data. in my opinion i think this is not a best practice to do.


Please note two Users/Processes cannot access the same excel file at the same time. you can certainly do one nnote pad after another in the same robotic process.

Hi @vvaidya

You can use share workbook option under Review tab in Excel to allow multiple user to access same excel.

Thanks for the tip @palindrome . But do you think its viable for all processes, meaning two users working on same cell?

It is worth a try. Use it with Excel Application Scope and if both bots are updating different cells or sheets.
There are chances that your data can be lost, so keep a backup after few updates.

Will it be possible to send mail to different users(say 100) at the same time ? I mean concurrently instead of doing one by one.

I don’t see much documentation on Parallel automation. Could you please share me, If you have anything on that ?

I think you can send email to multiple users at once(not sure about the limit in outlook)

In send outlook email: saperate the email ids by semi colon.

I have different content for every user and I have to send a separate email

Looks like Parallel For Each Body Factory might work in this case running List of Mail Messages. I’m not exactly sure @badita can confirm.

Yes, you can do parallel automation.

But you’ll need to be very careful…especially with parallel UI automation (which works only with simulate type or Windows Messages).

The general idea is that automation is cheap (CE is free). Sometimes you’ll spend more time in designing a parallel automation compared to the CPU/Robot cost of doing sequential automation.

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How can i achieve the parallel automation. could you please point to me some kind of documentation ?

Use parallel activity. Or VB.NET code activity. It is not supported (it may create problems) and therefore not documented.

@vvaidya @badita
Could you please let me know your answer for the below points-

  1. Can we run two FOR at the same time from the operator machine?
  2. How does parallel processing happens ?

Thanking you