Can we execute uipath apps using multiple users at same time?


i have created sign in app where once user is signed in data will go to excel and sql server and it will save data and app shows message as “thanks for sign in”
what if i have provided acess to 2 users , then how it will wok?
if first user trigger process and same time second user will also start then they will get result message and data will save oin my file at same time ?
or after first user once process gets done and message will show , second will start?

@Mathkar_kunal - This may depend on the way the Process/Job is setup in Orchestrator. If it’s assigned with multiple possible machines to run, then yes both process may run concurrently but if it’s strictly on a single machine, the first job needs to finish before the second one starts.



Multiple users logged into same (single) machine > Only background processes (process without UI interaction) can be executed. You will need high density bots for this scenario if your process have UI interaction.
Refer this: Can multiple Robots runs processes concurrently on the same machine - #2 by Lahiru.Fernando

Multiple users logged into their separate machines, then only limitation will be available licenses to run the bots

@Mathkar_kunal ,

The number of users logging into an app is not limited to a single or multiple login users. Any number of users can log in concurrently, but this depends on the app’s process configuration.

To prevent any delays or additional process calls during runtime, I recommend implementing a queue transaction system within the app. By doing so, you can create a single process performer that handles all the queue transactions, efficiently processing them.

Please refer below hyperlink.

Using Apps With Queues


Hi @Mathkar_kunal

If you have designed your app to handle multiple concurrent sign-ins, then both users can trigger the process at the same time. In this case, the data for each user can be saved to Excel and SQL Server separately, and both users will receive the “thanks for sign in” message independently. This approach allows for parallel execution and can handle multiple users simultaneously.


how to design thius concurrent sign in?