Computer Vision - Type into Secure Text

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I am logging into the remote desktop and typing in the password into some field.

I am currently using Computer Vision to perform the automation in the Remote machine.

As I can see, there is no ‘Type secure text’ activity provided for the Computer Vision component.
Also, please note that I am using Orchestrator’s get credential activity to get the password into variable.

Kindly give me some other option to achieve this.


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@hacky (NotHacker)

Please refer this post.

Hi @hacky

You can convert Secure String to String and then use type into.
Strtnf stringname=new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, secureString).Password


I would suggest not storing the decrypted password to a string variable, and instead decrypt it directly in the TypeInto. But, that’s just my opinion, cause the variable could accidentally be outputted somewhere. Also, check the Private property so it doesn’t display in logs or anything.