Computer Vision issue Error code 500 - Feb 08 2023

While trying to indicate the screen, getting the below error,

Please find attached Screenshot.

Uploaded the Latest Dependency as well, however getting the same error message.

Can someone help in resolving the same.

Sandeep Varma
+91 8978216870
Hyderabad, India

Hi @Sandeep_Varma_Rudraraju,

Can you please try again in a new project as well?

The 500 is either from an internal server error (anything that would prevent the server from processing the request) or from a bad request we’re not covering well now:

  • we checked the server errors and we didn’t find anything for last Wednesday (time you posted)
  • so the main suspect now is the request

Let’s see if you’re still having issues in a new project and we’ll continue from there.

Hi @Bogdan_Sultana,

Thanks for your reply

This issue is resolved. gave the url wrong. that’s why it did not work. gave instead of

By the way, have you worked on any Database Connection using UiPath use cases or workflows?

I’m glad the issue is clarified.

No, but please let us know if we can contribute/help.

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