Computer Vision Do While


Does anyone what could possibly be wrong with this? I tried Do while with CV Element exists and it doesnt work. And yes, its inside a CV scope


which error are you getting



It’s repeating the loop even though the element doesnt exist anymore

@neeta.joji The functionality of do while is, it executes the activities first then it check the condition. Try to use while loop since it check the condition first, if it is true then only it executes the activities within the loop and see how it goes

Hi @neeta.joji ,

Could you try dragging the CV Element Exists Activity towards the end of the Do While Activity?
Also, check if the Boolean Value being outputted is False it case it errors out again.

This is to check whether the issue is with the Activity or with something else.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi Ashwin,

I tried doing what you said. What’s weird is, it’s saying the element exists when it doesnt and goes back to repeat the loop. I put message boxes to check like you recommended. The element isn’t there but it saying it exists and repeats the loop

And Ushu,

I just tried the While loop like you recommended and it doesnt work. The issue is it keeps saying there’s an element when there isnt

I just dragged the Element Exists to the bottom of the While activity like Ashwin recommended and it worked. Thanks much yall!

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