Computer Vision and UI elements changes in the applications

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We were checking the possibility of handling the Issues in Robots which arise due to the UI element related changes in the application. The discussion went on to checking the possibility of the bot identifying the element changes whenever it happens and re adjusts accordingly so that we dont have to go back and change our code.
Is computer vision API a solution for this. If yes, on what level it can do self learning and adjustments. How effectively it can do that. Is there a documentation available?
If No - is there a Intelligent Process Automation solution available for this scenario.

is this already handled in anchor tag? This query is for all kinds of applciatons (desktop applications, webapplications)

I went through the topics here. Most of them are about how to call this API not about what exactly it covers in RPA. Thank you

A few things:

  • if/when a change/failure is detected, the selector itself needs to change in the workflow? It’s a bit strange, especially in an Orchestrator environment
  • which computer vision api are you referring to?
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  1. Yes. This was a question from our discussion about RPA implementation in our organization

2. . OR
I was referring to these

The public beta for UiPath Computer Vision will be available on Feb 18th.

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