Components of the UiPath Ecosystem

Good afternoon, can someone help me with this UiPath exam question, I’ve been searching the internet for a long time and I can’t find an answer.
Which UiPath product combines collaboration with people, UI and API automation, and native integrated AI capabilities?
The possible answers are:
UiPath Marketplace
Study family and applications
UiPath Forum


Orchestrator I believe as that is the control center for all


Thank you for your answer Anil_G but I have taken the questionnaire again and this question has appeared again, this time I have marked Orchestrator and it has also been marked as an error


oww my bad one part is about collaboration, so can be forum because it uses ui to interact,collaborate with people on forum, api to send mails on events, AI capabilities for search


I have also used the UiPath Forum option in another attempt, and I also marked it as an error, I no longer know if the questionnaire is not reliable xD

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Hi @Antonio_Perez

The Orchestrator is the Correct Answer.

In the Marketplace the RPA Experts and Practitioners globally will publish their new ideas, new activities and RPA content which is not relatable to UI and API Automation.

UiPath Forum is the platform where the users will raise their queries and sorted by the experts and participants. If we got any doubt we can post the query in the forum and we will get the solution for it.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks for answering.
No, orchestrator is the answer I marked and it returned a failed on that question.

@Antonio_Perez The correct answer is “Study family and applications”. You can check this in topic UiPath Ecosystem.

Happy Automation!!!

Correct answer will be Study family and applications

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Which UiPath Academy course is this?

Looking to learn more about UiPath Ecosystem for the certification, please share some resource links, thanks